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Coral Asteria

Glamour Lash Single | different styles

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Lashes that last for up to 7 days? Yes please! With Glamour Lash you have the chance to wear your lashes up to 20 times and reuse them. They are divided into small strips that contain different lengths. You can attach these to the underside of your natural lashes with the help of a special glue and an applicator. Due to the three different lengths for each eye, you can create different looks that fit your style perfectly.


You can purchase each style in 4 different lengths: 

8-10-12 mm can be chosen for a subtle look. It is the shortest length available in the set. Moreover, this length resembles the natural lash length.

10-12-14 mm this length is natural, but still expressive. If you have very long natural lashes, we recommend using this length because there is no risk that your natural lashes will be longer than the Glamour Lashes.

12-14-16 mm with this length you definitely create a wow effect. For all those who like to wear long lashes, this length is optimal.

14-16-18 mm with this length you can create an extravagant look with very long lashes. 

In the instructions that are included in the set, you will find three looks that you can create with the different lengths. 

You can choose from the following three styles:

Donna: A little bit more flashy, but all the same with elegance. A great pair of lashes, suitable for women with style. 6 lash fans on a transparent band that are easy to apply and give you that wow effect.

Coco: Go from ‘day to night’ with a natural mascara look that enchants. Three lash fans on a transparent band deliver an elegant style to the eye, making them easy to apply and wear.

Marilyn: A style on the level of celebrity. Perfect for everyday life, but also for the red carpet. In the blink of an eye, you’ll be able to create a Kim Kardashian look and put your eyes in the spotlight. And it’s so easy to apply too! 

  • permanent wearable up to 7 days
  • reusable up to 20 times
  • small stripes 
  • different lengths
  • are attached to the underside of the natural eyelashes
  • eye-catching and elegant style
  • DIY eyelash extension