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Lime Thalassa

Baseblue Lashes Redstart (1 pair)

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If it is your first-time wearing strip lashes or you’re simply on the hunt for natural false lashes, Redstart is the ideal short style for you. The classic look of the makeup eyelash set is great for beginners and comfortable to wear on your top or bottom lash line to add volume. The flexible elastic band conforms to any eye shape and is decorated lightly with faux mink fibers for those who prefer a dainty look. Wear these eyelash falsies up to 20 times and easily take them off with an oil-based makeup remover before storing in the two-sided case for optimal convenience. The natural Redstart style provides light volume and creates a subtle, beautiful allure with a thicker lash line.


  • The first step to applying eyelash falsies is to be clean!  Wash your hands or any lash tools you will use. 

  • Clean and pat dry your eye area to ensure a precise eyelash application and comfort wear.

  • Before applying the lash glue of your choice to the band, look in the mirror and get familiar with your eye shape. Without any glue, place a Redstart lash to each eye to make sure it will fit perfectly. You may have to trim the band slightly for a better fit.

  • When you’re ready, carefully dab a moderate amount of glue on the lash band.

  • Using a mirror, guide the lashes from one corner of the eye to the other side slowly while pressing down on the falsies so they will stick.

  • Let the glue dry and after a few minutes, lightly pull to confirm lashes are secure.